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  • Bear BBQ apron with tools Bear BBQ apron with tools
    Bear BBQ apron with tools

    Bear BBQ apron with tools. Apron with BBQ tools including a spatula, tongs, fork and gloves. Stainless steel and cotton.

    From  23,88 €  excl. VAT
  • 11-piece BBQ set 11-piece BBQ set
    11-piece BBQ set

    11-piece BBQ set. BBQ set includes spatula, brush, fork, and cleaning brush (all with wooden handles), six skewers, and zipped carrying case with front pocket for easy decorating. Decoration not available on components. Stainless steel and 600D polyester.

    From  20,50 €  excl. VAT
  • Barabicu 10-piece BBQ set Barabicu 10-piece BBQ set
    Barabicu 10-piece BBQ set

    Barabicu 10-piece BBQ set. BBQ set with zipped carrying case, front open pocket and double handles. Includes spatula, fork, tongs, 2 skewers, basting brush and 4 corn cob holders. Stainless steel with hard wood handles and 300D polyester case.

    From  17,30 €  excl. VAT
  • Pitts BBQ Smoker Box Set Pitts BBQ Smoker Box Set
    Pitts BBQ Smoker Box Set

    Pitts BBQ Smoker Box Set. This 2-piece set consists of a smoker box and a pair of tongs. Place some pre-soaked wood chips in the smoker box and place the box on your BBQ grill (size 23 x 9.5 x 4cm). Your meat, fish and poultry will come alive with the smoky flavour, turning your basic barbecue into delicious gourmet meals. Use the tongs to turn your...

    From  17,76 €  excl. VAT
  • Jamie Oliver BBQ Jamie Oliver BBQ
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    Jamie Oliver BBQ

    Jamie Oliver BBQ. Jamie’s portable, lightweight design charcoal BBQ. Equipped with locking grips for easy carrying and storage, durable steel body and legs and an adjustable ventilation system for perfect air circulation. Cooks for 2-4 people on a 33.5cm diameter cooking area. Supplied in a Jamie Oliver gift box. Exclusive design. Metal.

    From  95,26 €  excl. VAT
  • Cove 3-in-1 foldable BBQ tool Cove 3-in-1 foldable BBQ tool
    Cove 3-in-1 foldable BBQ tool

    Cove 3-in-1 foldable BBQ tool. Folding BBQ tool, which holds a two-prong meat fork, a serrated knife and spatula. The tools can be folded into the long handle for economical storage. Allows quick access to the utensil you need. Presented in a Seasons gift box. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.

    From  13,41 €  excl. VAT
  • 12-piece BBQ set 12-piece BBQ set
    12-piece BBQ set

    12-piece BBQ set. The aluminium hard case holds 4 large and 4 small skewers, a meat knife, tongs, a fork and spatula. Logo plate is included. Presented in a gift box. Stainless steel & aluminium.

    From  39,37 €  excl. VAT
  • Satay 3-piece BBQ set Satay 3-piece BBQ set
    Satay 3-piece BBQ set

    Satay 3-piece BBQ set. Spatula, tongs and fork in aluminium case with metal logo plate. Stainless steel & aluminium.

    From  20,07 €  excl. VAT
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